Boston Life Science Advisors 
Strategy + ExecutionTM

Services We Provide

(1) Interim Executive Services

Boston Life Science Advisors provides interim CEO, COO, and CBO services to early stage companies seeking to advance their technologies and products. These assignments often satisfy the need to bring in an experienced executive to complement the efforts of a scientific founder or the need to implement an aggressive licensing or other strategic alliance campaign over a limited period of time. Such assignments generally require a time commitment of two to three days a week. 

(2) Corporate Strategy

Boston Life Science Advisors works closely with companies to define or refine their business plans and corporate development strategies. Such engagements generally involve:

  • Assessing the company’s or a third party’s technology or pipeline from a commercial perspective;
  • Designing a dynamic business model to evaluate the financial impact of various strategic alternatives
  •  Defining a realistic strategy, and
  •  Identifying the key tactics necessary to execute the strategy.

While Boston Life Science Advisors' internal expertise is on the commercial side of any technology or pipeline evaluation, our extensive network in the industry can be utilized to identify outside technical expertise to assist in any technology assessments.

(3)   Transaction Support

Once a corporate development strategy is defined, Boston Life Science Advisors provides complete support in executing that strategy including:

  • Conducting or assisting in due diligence;
  • Identifying and screening in-licensing opportunities that meet strategic criteria;
  • Defining out-licensing or M&A objectives and strategies;
  •  Identifying potential partners;
  • Developing dossiers for products to be out-licensed;
  • Developing or improving communication materials to present the company as an attractive partner, and
  • Establishing an e-data room to facilitate due diligence. 

(4)  Structuring, Negotiating and Closing Transactions 

Boston Life Science Advisors works closely with a company’s management team and outside legal and financial advisors to structure, negotiate and close in-licenses, out-licenses, R&D partnerships, co-marketing agreements and other strategic transactions. In some cases that means we will serve as the lead negotiator in the deal. In other cases, the situation may dictate that we serve in a more supporting role. We are committed to serving in the role that best assures a successful outcome for our client.